Silly Children

* * * * * * * * * * *

"My people are foolish, 
They have not known Me. 
They are silly children, 
And they have no understanding. 
They are wise to do evil, 
But to do good they have no knowledge." 
(Jer. 4:22)

* * * * * * * * * * *

When people show God to the door, they lose the ability to think rationally. There is no greater display of this principle than in the current confusion surrounding gender theory. The logical inconsistencies inherent in the movement defy explanation. 

For example, gender theorists insist that "gender" is merely a social construct that has no connection to biology. They demand that all distinctions between "men" and "women" or "boys" and "girls" be eliminated. Some are even calling for gender designations to be removed from birth certificates and other official documentation. The very idea that there are two genders must be scrubbed entirely from society. 

Yet the same people who insist that gender distinctions are dangerous also loudly champion transgender rights--the freedom to transition from one gender to another. Huh?

If there is no difference between male and female brains, then how can someone complain about being "a male mind trapped in a female body," or vice versa? Either there is no difference, or there is a difference. Either way, both of these philosophical claims cannot be true at the same time. 

Carry this further. When a man transitions to a woman, why does the "new" person invariably present "herself" as a distinctly feminine persona (see: Bruce Jenner, aka Caitlyn Jenner). Likewise for women who transition to men; their masculinity is paraded for all to see. Despite efforts to discredit it, the binary gender model maintains a strong grip on the human race. And why not? It's reality! 

People are being canceled because they insist that men cannot give birth. Professional medical associations are discouraging members from using gender in considering treatment options. Where will this madness end? 

This problem is not unique to gender studies. In the absence of God, even the smartest people in every field of study turn into "silly children" who "have no understanding." The simplest truths get distorted into pretzels, and common sense is replaced by radical nonsense. Truth itself is tossed in the trash, and society descends into a maelstrom of deceit and treachery. Everyone suffers.  

When we see our children play games in their childish fantasies, we laugh. That's what kids do. But when the adults start living in make-believe worlds of their own creation, the results are catastrophic. 

God's truth will not be mocked. Our society will learn that lesson soon enough.